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Cold Cases

Jeffrey Dupres, Disappeared in 1980

It was a warm, spring day on April 24, 1980, when three-year-old Jeffrey Dupres went to the next-door neighbours’ house to play with his best friend, Rodney.

Jeffrey’s mother, Denise McKee, was doing laundry and thought nothing of it. She and her husband Ray had only moved to the area three months earlier, and she was delighted that Jeffrey and Rodney, who was a couple of years older than her son, got along so well. The pair were forever traipsing back and forth to one another’s houses.

Just twenty-five minutes after Jeffrey left for Rodney’s house, Rodney rang her doorbell, wondering where his friend was.

Jeffrey had disappeared. More than 42 years later, Denise still has no idea what happened to her son.

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Charles Horvath-Allan, Disappeared in 1989

Charles Horvath-Allan was just 20 years old when he disappeared from Tiny Town Campground in Kelowna in May of 1989. He was due to meet up with his mother, Denise Horvath-Allan, three months later. But she never heard from him after their last conversation that month.

This case is cold, but it’s still alive and Recover Agency is actively working towards finding him. We will continue to do so.

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