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VANCOUVER, B.C., February 12, 2024⸺Recover Agency, a boutique Private Investigation and Public Relations agency is set to launch on Valentine’s Day, fitting for their all-woman team led by founder and former journalist, Anna J. James, along with investigative researcher, Samanatha Marx. 

“Recover Agency is a culmination of two years’ planning, research, and training to identify and  deliver Private Investigation and PR services that fill a very unique gap in the market,” said James. One example is ‘Missing Person Media’ that re-introduces cold cases to the media. 

“In the case of Jeffrey Dupres, one of Canada’s oldest missing children’s cases, we were able to get that case covered over 60 times in as many days. And, as a direct result of that media attention, the RCMP called a national press conference and re-assigned more resources to that case.” said James. 

“We offer a good balance of services from deep investigations like unsolved homicides and litigation support with deep background checks, infidelity files, and premarital screenings.” said James. 

“And we are already known for our compassionate approach and ability to walk people through the toughest times in their lives officially launching on Valentine’s Day is fitting.” 


Media Contact: 

Anna J. James
(778) 402-1996