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How a DPA can identify bad tenants, employees or partners.

A Digital Presence Audit [DPA] is an essential background check that we’ve developed which has already saved our clients thousands of dollars (and some, years of heartache!). It’s a due diligence check that you can perform on anyone in your life, including current or prospective tenants, employees, romantic partners, and even yourself.

Let’s do a straightforward deep dive into Digital Presence Audit, our unique background checks. Here are some, though not all, of the methods we employ to conduct a DPA:

1. Public Records Scrutiny

  • What: Accessing open records for key information.
  • How: Examining court documents, marriage records, and property databases.
  • Why: To uncover a candidate’s legal history and vital details.

2. Employment History Verification

  • What: Checking professional references and work history.
  • How: Contacting previous employers to confirm roles and achievements.
  • Why: To validate the accuracy of a candidate’s professional journey.

3. Academic Credentials Confirmation

  • What: Verifying educational degrees and certifications.
  • How: Confirming credentials through official channels.
  • Why: To ensure accuracy in a candidate’s educational background.

4. Relationship Intelligence Gathering

  • What: Collecting insights from community connections.
  • How: Interviewing neighbors, colleagues, or acquaintances.
  • Why: To add a personal perspective to the background check.

5. Social Media Mapping

  • What: Mapping their social media presence and communications.
  • How: Scanning hundreds of social media and web pages.
  • Why: To flag any concerning interactions and paint a portrait of the target.

And there you have it—a concise rundown of how Private Investigators in Canada roll up their sleeves and conduct background checks. No theatrics, just a strategic approach to unveil the truth. Stay tuned for more insights from the world of Private Investigation.

Did you know: if we get the expressed consent from your target, we can perform an even deeper check? However, even without the consent still have plenty of legal avenues to run them. 

Let’s get started today. Contact us to arrange your free 20-minute consultation.