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What it costs to hire Recover Agency

Private Investigation Rates

Once your Intake Form is received, we will send you a precise quote. We require 50% of the total file upfront to commence work.

In some cases, such as large-scale lawsuits, we a flat day rate and we dedicate 10% of all our earnings to Pro Bono fund.

Book a free consultation with Anna J. James to discuss your needs. 

Our rates and prices are clear and transparent, and we work efficiently.

Contact us to arrange your free 20-minute consultation with Anna J. James, a Licensed Private Investigator based in Vancouver, BC.

The majority of cases fall under our Surveillance, Process Serving, and Investigative Research fee.

50% of the total must be paid up-front to commence the file. The final 50% will be required to access the final report.

Listed prices do not include applicable taxes.

Special Ops

$185.00/hrPlus expenses

Work directly with Anna J. James, a Licensed Private Investigator on high-risk / high-reward operations including deep undercover, witness locates and interviews, interrogation and PI and Public Relations consulting.

Anna J. James Day Rate

$1,500.00Min 10 hours

Expenses included. Our team works directly with you for cases related to missing persons, lawsuits, and any job that needs to be resolved quickly and professionally.

Deep background Check (DBC)

$600.00British Columbia & U.S.

We customize an investigation plan with you to perform a deep background check to aid you in making big decisions. Screen potential business partners, current and future spouses, build evidence for court, and more.

Surveillance, Process Serving & Investigative Research

$125.00/hrPlus $1 / mile

Lawful surveillance, research, and process serving services are provided for cases such as infidelity to insurance claims, all the way to more complex cases within the limits of the law.

Get Started

Fill out our confidential intake form and we’ll be in touch promptly to arrange your free 20-minute consultation with licenced Private Investigator, Anna J. James.