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Founder & Private Investigator

Anna J. James

Private Investigation

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Anna is the Founder of Recover, a Private Investigation & PR agency headquartered in Vancouver.

Anna earned her Bachelor of Journalism minoring in film and Criminology, and was Candidate for the MFA Creative Writing Program at the University of Victoria.

Anna began her professional career in publishing at Wiley and her journalism career reporting on baseball from Brisbane to Boston.

She spent over 10 years reporting, her last beat was crime which lead her to PI.

As Licensed Private Investigator Anna works on complex cases including homicides, large-scale civil suits, and missing persons. 

She work with PI firms across BC & the US, and appears in the media for her work.  

She runs on prayer and coffee.



Anna is a Licensed Private Investigator in Vancouver BC, as well as journalist and media consultant.
(250) 858-6638

Address: 404-825 Granville St, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1K7