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Inside an Infidelity File: Testimonial

Case Background: A woman contacted us to foot conduct surveillance on her partner, whom she suspected was cheating. We delivered footage, including several close ups of the other woman and the couple interacting. A big thank you to my surveillance girl, P.

I hired Anna. I had been having nightmares on and off since the start of the year. And my sleep took a turn for the worse in the past 3 weeks.

I never thought I could afford or would hire a PI. After a couple calls to various agencies and some clearly non legit ones, I found Anna. Just talking to Anna- woman to woman I started to feel a little better, she really put me ease. I was sooo nervous doing this. They acted promptly, professionally and like pros. I required a lot of reassurance.

She made me feel like the most important client she had (I was not a big spender) and debriefed with me after. I got everything I asked for.

Sometimes answers are better than having to process millions of questions, even if you don’t enjoy the end result. I have hard evidence of what I required. I stopped having night mares the night I booked Anna. Now that I am not questioning everything and have answers I am starting to sleep better again. My healing process was at a stand still even with therapy because I had too many unanswered questions.

Therapy could not provide what Anna did, but now I can work through this with facts and not theories.

I am grateful that I can start to live my life again and stop living in my head. I appreciate what you did for me. This felt like an investment in myself not a fee for a service. I’d use Anna again in a heart beat. But I do hope I am never in this position again.

Interior BC
Infidelity Client

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