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Give The Gift Of Closure


Christmas missing persons poster for Charles Horvath-Allen and Jeffrey Dupres

Help find Jeffrey

Jeffrey Dupres was abducted from his front yard in Slave Lake, AB on April 24, 1980. He was just 3 years old. It is considered one of Canada’s oldest kidnapping cases.

His mother, Denise McKee, is now 68 and has launched what could be her final search for her son. “I understand the absurdity of a grey-haired woman looking for her toddler but the fact is Jeffrey was never found,” she told the media. Visit: What Happened to Jeffrey Dupres? on Facebook.

Missing baby Jeffrey Dupres, of Slave Lake, Alberta.

Bring Charles Home

Charles 'Kj' Horvath-Allan went missing from Kelowna, BC, in 1989.
Charles KJ Horvath-Allan, a Canadian born British national, went missing hiking across Canada in 1989, last seen in Kelowna BC. He was 20. His mother, Denise Horvath Allan, is now 73 years old and has launched what could be her final search for her son.
“I will search for Charles as long as I can stand, walk and talk,” she once told the press, adding, “Time’s running out for me. I would just like to have peace in what’s left of my life.” Visit: Charles Kj Horvath-Allan Foundation on Facebook.